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Cariboo Clean Fuels (CCF) is a strategic partnership between Cariboo Low Carbon Fuels and Elemental Clean Fuels to develop clean fuels projects and products that reduce GHG emissions through infrastructure development, energy transition, and industrial decarbonization with an overall goal of “going beyond Net Zero emissions.”

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Our Mission

The Mission of CCF is “Driving Excellence in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives”. The Projects represent material green investment and are expected to generate significant economic benefits for our stakeholders.

CCF will create strong relationships with local and indigenous communities in the Project areas with a goal of developing mutually beneficial partnerships throughout the construction phase and operating life of the Projects.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in the relentless pursuit of cleaner, greener energy solutions; providing the right products in the right way, with the right partners at the right locations to not only power industries but also protect our environment forging a pathway to Net Zero emissions.

Partnerships Develop Strong Partnerships with Indigenous Communities CCF will significantly involve indigenous and local communities through substantial project ownership stakes and active participation in project development. Technology Focus on Technology and Innovation Establish the Hydrogen Highway by developing clean fuel supply hubs with interconnected and reliable supply networks supporting local and national industrial and mobility customers. Be first-movers on securing industrial customers for hydrogen blending and create strategic partnerships and domestic markets across the hydrogen economy. Collaboration Build Strength through Collaboration Create value with our Association and Academic partners contributing expertise in innovation and infrastructure knowledge while supporting Local, Provincial and Federal Agencies in the development of the hydrogen economy.
Our Products

With an initial focus on the Western Canadian domestic market, CCF plans to build, own, and operate hydrogen, renewable natural gas (RNG), and clean fuels production facilities while supplying CCF’s hydrogen highway dispensing facilities. We are developing projects that utilize commercially available technologies, (electrolyzers, biomass/methane pyrolysis and renewable power) in strategic locations with our Partners and Customers.

We are developing select project sites with proven renewable energy resources and existing offtake infrastructure that offers room to expand domestically and globally. The developing Global Hydrogen Economy supports CCF’s Corporate Vision and the shift towards clean, renewable transportation fuels.

Green PowerGreen PowerDevelop renewable energy and technology partnerships that lower emissions providing the greatest environmental benefit. Green HydrogenClean HydrogenProduce clean hydrogen through renewable sources and natural gas to supply the hydrogen economy; industrial, heating, mobility, and dispatchable power generation. Green FuelingClean FuelsDeliver clean-fuel ready sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), diesel, e-methanol, and renewable natural gas through commercially proven technologies. Net ZeroNet Zero & Water PositiveConnect regional hydrogen and clean energy hubs in support of the transition to a low-carbon economy driving CCF’s scope 2 emissions beyond Net Zero.
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